To align with our ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System (QMS), we achieve the highest end-to-end quality by developing a plan for every project prior to production.

Thorough inspection processes are in place for every quality level needed to provide consistency and conformity to part specifications.

Real-Time Diagnostics

The TubeInspect P16 and TubeInspect S are used to inspect and report on the geometry of custom bent tube and pipe during the production process, offering real-time diagnostics and monitoring along with greater visibility to quality parameters from start to finish. 

Using digital, high-definition cameras, the equipment visually measures the dimensions and sizing of a bent tube, and verifies the angles and tolerances based on the specifications of the part. Any required adjustments are transmitted to the CNC bending machine, resulting in shorter throughput to achieve a dimensionally accurate part. 

Specifically designed for the needs of the industry, this equipment allows us to instantly measure tube bends and send corrections back to the tube-bending machines, resulting in reduced costs, set-up times and scrap. Learn more here.


  • Accurate and efficient set-ups
  • Reduces inspection time by instantaneously generating part measurement data


  • Inspects parts in seconds with the click of a mouse
  • Sends corrections back to the bender when needed
  • Able to reverse engineer from existing parts or prototypes

CMM Inspection Arm & 3D Laser Scanner

To achieve the ultimate combination in quality inspection equipment, we have a CMM inspection arm and 3D laser scanner for projects that require advanced inspection reporting. This gives us the ability to create a 3D model of the scanned part to compare to the specified model and make adjustments to ensure high-quality production.

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