Sharpe Customer Takes First Place During Harley Davidson Rally 

Local Milwaukee Area Bike Builder Enters Trike into Competition
CONGRATULATIONS TO SCORPION TRIKES! First Place Winners during the Milwaukee Harley Rally that took place at various Harley dealerships throughout the metro-area. Scorpion Trikes took first place at House of Harley Dealership and at the Harley... read more
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Loved Ones Remembered in Metal Sculptures 

Ornamental Hemispheres Incorporated into Memorials
Mark Koeppen from Sadler Machine Co., fabricates works of art utilizing ornamental hemispheres purchased from Sharpe Products. All of Mark’s pieces are memorial pieces dedicated to loved ones and have sentimental themes, such as the piece he... read more


A Guide to Understanding The Basics of Tube Bending Processes & Designing a Cost-Effective Part
Written by Heather Schultz, Creative Marketing Director and Stacy Cramer, Vice President of Sharpe Products When it comes to bending pipe or tube, it is not necessarily a “one shoe fits all” process that is used in accomplishing a... read more

Pre Bent Elbows are “Lego-Like” for Artist Loren Madsen 

Sculptures Created Using Stock Architectural Handrail Elements
Sharpe customer and artist, Loren Madsen, participated in the 2011 Artprize Art Show in Grand Rapids, MI. The sculputres he submitted were built using pre-bent railing elements from our stock handrail components. Loren states "...No prize... read more
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California Sculptor Completes Commissioned Piece 

Bent Stainless Steel Tubes Used to Depict Decline of Crime Rates in Chicago

Sharpe Products customer, Loren Madsen, is a sculptor based out of California and was commissioned by the City of Chicago for a project to depict the falling crime rates within the city. The sculpture Loren designed is made up of 8, 4 inch O.D., 11 Gage stainless steel tubes bent on a 6 inch centerline radius. The finished piece chronicles crime rates in eight categories over 30 years and each tube is an abstraction of those categories. The sculpture stands in front of a police station and jail within the City of Chicago. To see more of Loren Madsen’s work visit

... read more
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Sharpe Products Customer Commissioned for Innovative Motorcycle Design 

Bienville Studios Unveils Legacy Superbike
The Sharpe Tube Bending Team is proud to have partaken in helping JT Nesbitt with his Legacy Superbike by bending the custom bent components that make up the handlebar and chassis on the Superbike. 1" O.D. chromoly tubing was used to produce... read more
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Superior Design, Inc. Launches Their Scorpion Trike 

Custom Bent Steel Tube Frame Makes up Conversion Kit for V-Rod
Superior Design, Inc. utilized Sharpe Products custom tube bending and fabricating capabilities to produce the frame for their award winning Scorpion Trike. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SCORPION TRIKES TAKES FIRST PLACE Waukesha, WI.... read more
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