Quality in Every Batch

Sharpe Products’ unrivaled expertise allows commercial foodservice equipment and appliance manufacturers to consistently meet aggressive production goals and significantly lower their overall cost per part. Whether for laser cutting, custom bending or metal fabrication, Sharpe has the technology and performance to meet the prototype, production and assembly needs of the food and beverage industry. 

Our custom pipe and tubing can be found in various types of food and beverage equipment, for both processing and commercial use: 

  • Beverage Dispensers
  • Brewing Equipment
  • Work Platforms
  • Utility Carts
  • Drying Racks
  • Fermentation Tanks
  • Room Service Carts
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) Systems
  • Buffet, Salad Bar and Cafeteria Equipment
  • Fluid Control Systems
  • Cold Food Bars
  • Trucks and Dollies
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Solutions For Industry

Sharpe products leverages its knowledge to accommodate the tube and pipe bending needs for a variety of industries. As a market leader we are pleased to provide custom tube and pipe bending and rolling, fiber-optic laser cutting and end-forming for food and beverage equipment manufacturers. The Sharpe Products team looks forward to providing you with cost-effective, time-efficient solutions that help support your market growth. 

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