Sharpe Products Takes Delivery of New TubeInspect Equipment

Additional System Expected to Support Increased Production Capacity

As a part of its ongoing focus on quality control, Sharpe Products has recently purchased an additional TubeInspect system. This second system, a larger, 16-camera model, will complement the existing 8-camera technology currently in use and provide added capability to inspect larger parts more efficiently.
“We purchased this equipment to provide greater consistency in our quality procedures between plants,” states Randy Krickeberg, Plant Manager, Sharpe Products. “We’ve used an AICON TubeInspect S system for over 12 years and, based on our research, it has proven to be the best and most efficient way to measure a bent tube. With the speed of the equipment, 100% percent inspection with reporting is achievable when required, which is ideal for prototypes to production.”
Using digital, high-definition cameras, the equipment visually measures the geometry and sizing of a bent tube, and verifies angles and tolerances based on the specifications in the digital file, generating a multi-dimensional image of the bent part. Adjustments, if needed, are then transmitted to the CNC bending machine, resulting in shorter throughput to achieve a dimensionally accurate part.
Overall, the equipment offers real-time diagnostics and monitoring during inspection, allowing for faster decision-making and greater visibility to quality parameters from start to finish. 
The AICON TubeInspect is manufactured by Hexagon Manufacturing A/B, and distributed in North America by Accurex Measurement, Inc.
File photo of the TubeInspect P16: