Sharpe Products works with design and production engineers in the household, office and institutional furniture industry. Our experienced team can shorten your prototype lead times and reduce your production costs. The engineering department uses innovative software that aids in the design, quoting and production processes of our customers’ 3D models. Customer drawings are tested within our software to ensure that the part design is feasible and can be produced accurately during bending and laser processes. This makes production smooth and efficient. If alterations to the design are needed, the issues can be corrected while still in this developmental phase, and they are easily exported back into 3D files for customer review. When the drawings have final approval, they are imported directly back into our bending and laser machinery.

For customers who have a continuous need for their products, Sharpe Products offers inventory management programs such as Kanban, as well as stock and release programs. These programs provide our customers with shortened lead times for lean operations.

Our custom pipe and tubing can be found in furniture and fixtures including:

  • seating
  • desks
  • tables
  • storage systems
  • bed frames/sofas/sleepers
  • seat recliner mechanisms
  • furniture components
  • commercial fixtures
  • display
office and institutional furniture industry


Solutions for a Wide Array of Industries

Sharpe Products works with a variety of companies across industries. Our company is a market leader and we are pleased to offer exceptional services, including custom pipe bending and rolling, fiber-optic laser cutting and end-forming. The Sharpe team looks forward to providing your business with cost-effective, time-efficient solutions that increase profitability, lower operating costs and increase your customer base.

Call 800-879-0369 for more information about Sharpe's custom pipe bending, laser tube cutting and other fabricating services. You can also fill out the online contact form for general inquiries.