Well-Curated Tooling Inventory

Sharpe Products wants to provide solutions how you want them, when you want them. That’s why we offer an inventory of over 600 bending dies. This allows you to save thousands on tooling costs while getting your project up and running in no time. And if needed, Sharpe’s in-house tooling department builds tools not already available in our large inventory.

Check out our extensive tooling inventory so you can design your project with a die we already have. This list is ever-growing and not all-inclusive of our current tooling inventory, so contact us at 800-879-4418 to discuss your bending requirements before beginning your project to save on tooling costs.

Tool and Die Services

Our extensive inventory of 600+ bending dies is available to you for your projects; alternatively, if you need a die made, we have an in-house tool and die shop that can create the right forms to accommodate your project.

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Sharpe Products’ extensive die inventory and tooling service can potentially offer cost-effective solutions for your pipe and tube projects. Call us today at 800-879-4418 to learn more, or use the online contact form for general inquiries.

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