Precise, Efficient & Fiber-Optic

Sharpe’s precision laser cutting equipment provides you with accurate results, completed in the shortest time frame. For laser cut slots, notching, perforation or drilling, we are able to deliver to your exact specifications.

How do we do it? A combination of equipment, experience and process.

Sharpe has two fiber-optic tube and pipe laser cutters. Our 1000-watt laser is built for speed. Our powerful, state-of-the-art 3,000-watt fiber-optic tube and pipe laser cutter has added power that allows us to handle thicker stainless and aluminum material for ornamental jobs. Additionally, both lasers have unique cutting capabilities and increased production speed versus traditional CO2 tube lasers to cut highly reflective metals, such as copper, brass, bronze and aluminum.

Our newly acquired robotic 3D fiber-optic laser cutting system adds to Sharpe Products’ capabilities with its ability to cut difficult areas on and near bends. It also cuts flat sheets.

And with our lean, CNC, all-electric bending machines and fiber-optic tube laser cutting technology, our process is streamlined to combine bending, cutting, notching, punching, coping and drilling, consistently supplying cost-effective, quality parts – all in one shop.

Sharpe Products


  • Increased production speed of high-quality parts with holes, slots, part marks, etc.
  • Tube lasers provide significantly improved speed and efficiency over traditional manufacturing processes for hole punching, drilling, slotting, notching, coping, high-quality custom cut edges, part marketing, etching or perforating.


  • Wide range of materials including steel and highly reflective materials, including: stainless steel, aluminum (up to 3/8" thick), copper, bronze, brass, galvanized pipe. If a material you need is not listed, please call us at 800-879-4418 as we may be able to accommodate your request, or use the online contact form.
  • We are also capable of working with a wide variety of pipe and tube sizes and shapes, such as:
    • Round pipe or tube (up to 6" O.D.)
    • Square pipe or tube (up to 4")
    • Rectangle tube (up to 4")
    • Thin-wall tube (from ½" to 4¾" O.D.)

Any combination of these features can be applied to a part with streamlined efficiency and minimal part handling. Our engineers will work with you to design and prototype a streamlined and efficient process to ensure you receive a superior quality product with a short lead and production time.


Superior Services from an Industry Leader

Just as you strive to remain competitive in your industry, we work hard to stay on top of ours. When you order laser tube cutting services from Sharpe Products, your custom project will be completed in a lean and efficient manner, reducing overall part cost while achieving quality results.




Laser-Cut Tube and Pipe Applications

Here are examples of the services and solutions we offer:

  • Handrail and Ornamental Applications – Sharpe Products can produce laser-cut coped ends. In seconds, holes and cut-offs are made with precision. We are also capable of creating geometric patterns that are easily and readily repeatable with no variance.
  • Laser Cutting Copper Tube – Laser cutting copper presents a special set of challenges that Sharpe technicians can overcome with our state-of-the-art laser tube cutting equipment. The beam in a CO2 laser is reflected by copper and copper-based alloys, making these metals difficult to work with in general. Our fiber-optic laser is absorbed by copper and copper-based alloys and can cut brass, bronze and copper tube with ease and efficiency.
  • Laser Cutting Aluminum Tube – Our team can cut aluminum up to 3/8" thick with our tube laser.
  • Rectangle and Square Tube Cutting – Our tube laser also cuts rectangle and square tubing up to 4". Our capacity to cut both square and circular pipe and tube provides both the flexibility and expertise needed when working with complex or custom projects.
  • Deburring Services – In addition to our other tube and pipe laser cutting services, we also offer tube and pipe deburring services. This value-added service ensures that the final product you receive is clean, safe and ready to use immediately.
Sharpe Products

For general inquiries about our premier laser cutting services, please call us at 800-879-4418, or use the online contact form.