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Sharpe Products offers effortless solutions for all your custom pipe and tube bending, laser-cutting and end-forming needs. In addition, we provide custom architectural handrail bending and ornamental tube rolling services. Custom pipe and tube fabrication services are also available, including welding, drilling and polishing.

Sharpe Products manufactures and stocks a full line of tube and pipe handrail fittings, including pipe or tube elbows, caps, flanges and handrail brackets.


Below is a capabilities chart of Sharpe Products’ main services.
You can download a PDF chart of all Sharpe’s services and capabilities. You can also request or download a Capabilities Brochure.


CNC Pipe and Tube Bending & Rolling Services

Pipe and Tube Bending

Up to 6"
•    Round, Oval, Square, Rectangle
•    Tight radii
•    Large radii
•    Multi-radius bends
•    Tight & large radii on single part
•    Freeform bending

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Fiber-Optic Pipe and Tube Laser Cutting Services


Round and oval up to 6"
Square and rectangle up to 4"
Wall thickness up to 3/8"

•    Coping, Notching, Etching, Lettering
•    High-Speed Cutting
•    Holes, Patterns/Perforations
•    Miters
•    Sheets/Flats

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Pipe and Tube End-Forming Services

Pipe and Tube End-Forming

Up to 7"
•    Beading
•    Expanding
•    Flaring
•    Reducing
•    Swaging
•    Trimming

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TIP: Check our tooling inventory online so you can design your project with a die we already have: www.sharpeproducts.com/tooling. This list is ever-growing and not all-inclusive of our current tooling inventory, so contact us at 800-879-4418 to discuss your bending requirements.


With Sharpe Products’ impressive custom pipe and tube equipment, in-depth skills and service offerings, we can help you find a solution for your custom pipe or tube project. Call us today at 800-879-4418, or use the online contact form for general inquiries.