Sharpe Products Continues to Expand Plant Capacity

New Tube Bending & Tube Laser Cutting Machines Will Help Reduce Lead Times

With the recent addition of a second Unison 76mm along with the future arrival of 100mm Unison in November, Sharpe will Shorten lead times for its customers.

Sharpe 3 inch OD Tube Bending              Sharpe LT5 Tube Laser Cutting

The Unison 76mm Breeze all electric bender has helped to increase bending capacity, and will be followed by the 100mm Breeze Unison bender in November, 2015. The 76mm bends up to 3 inch O.D. tube, while the 100mm will be able to bend up to 4 inch O.D. Both provide high accuracy and repeatability, along with the multi-radius capabilities and tube generation like their existing Unison tube bending technology that the team utilizes.

Along with these additions, a fiber optic tube laser cutting machine, the BLM LT5 will be added to increase overall tube laser cutting capacity. This increase in tube bending and tube laser cutting capacity will help to reduce lead times. Once jobs have started the production process they usually ship within two weeks, with the majority of orders shipped within a week or less. There are of course factors that can impact lead time such as material, part complexity, quantities and the availability machinery needed for the project.

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