Outdoor Structure Produced for Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.

Custom tube forming created sphere for exterior sculpture

"...As the designer and welder of this artwork, I believe the beautiful result of the finished product is a direct result of the rolled and coped parts produced by Sharpe Products. I say this because the individual parts were produced from piece part drawings, without any knowledge of the inteded final assembly. Yet, when I assembled the parts into their final configuration, they seemed to fit together like puzzle pieces. The final part actually 'clicked' into place. No adjustment was need to any of the rolled tubing."  –Rick Williams, Senior Engineer; Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.

As shown in the pictures below, you can see the individual custom rolled and coped tube components provided to Watlow by the Sharpe Products Team.

Custom Rolled Tubing Coped Tubing
Welded Metal Tubing Custom Rolled Tubing Fabricated Metal Tubing

Watlow® is a registered trademark of Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company and is used by Sharpe Products with permission.