Sharpe Products Master Handrail Fittings Catalog Available

In the Volume VIII Master Handrail Fittings catalog, you will find our quality handrail offerings plus additional size options for some of our most popular components. Additional information about pipe and tube specifications is also included to help guide you in choosing the best parts and services for your project. Get your copy mailed today



Laser Cutting Helps Design Firm Achieve The Right AestheticSculpture

Milwaukee-based designers worked with Sharpe Products to create a sculpture made of 300 laser cut copper tubes measuring 40 and 49 inches in length and lit with LEDs. The result: an iconic chandelier that serves as a focal point for a prominent city building. Read more.




Getting The Most For Your Tube Bending Buck

Read about basic tube bending methods can help you uncover the best and most economical way to obtain quality bends in The Fabricator Continue Reading.




Sharpe Brings New Laser Cutting Capabilities to Tube Bending Market

Read about Sharpe Products new fiber optic laser cutting capabilities and other unique tube bending services in The Tube & Pipe Journal's article, "Bringing New Capabilities to Market"




All Bends And No Straights? No Problem?

Read about the unique capabilities of the Nissin 3D bender in The Fabricator. Feel free to contact us with questions about how this in-house technology can help make your bending jobs more cost effective and time efficient! Read article.




Sharpe Products Earns ISO Certification

Sharpe Products, New Berlin, WI, has ISO 9001:2015 Certification for our Quality Management System, which is applicable to Custom Pipe & Tube Bending and Fabrication & Manufacture of Architectural Handrail Fittings. Download certificate.



Tour Sharpe's Facilities to Learn About Key Tube Bending Processes on TPJ T.V.

The Tube & Pipe Journal team captured our tube bending professionals on camera. Click here to learn the differences between roll bending, rotary draw bending, compression bending, and 3D (freeform) tube bending. We hope you find this episode of TPJ T.V. informative and beneficial. 




102.9 THE HOG's Bob & Brian Morning Show LIVE Broadcast From Sharpe Products 

Friday's live broadcast of the HOG's Bob & Brian Show was a blast! Thanks to everyone on the HOG Staff and the Sharpe Team that made this an awesome day and event!

 Sharpe Products Team with the HOG