Multi-Radius Bending Machine Adds Capacity And Flexibility

Investments Help Accommodate Quick-Turn Production Needs

Sharpe Products has recently added to its stable of specialized machine technology with a Schwarze-Robitec CNC 160 bending machine. This multi-radius, all-electric bender brings increased capacity for pipe and tube bending up to 6-inch / 160 mm O.D. in a variety of metals including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and titanium.  

“The addition of this new machinery underscores our commitment to offering the best tube and pipe bending solutions to the market, and supports our long-term focus on building on our existing technology to consistently deliver the highest quality results for our customers,” says Paul Krickeberg, President & CEO, Sharpe Products.

Used to create tube or pipe components for industries such as aerospace, automotive and truck, food and beverage, furniture and life sciences, this machine is geared for precision, multi-radius bending projects for industrial and commercial applications. 

Ideal bends for this machine include metal tube and pipe components for exhaust and emissions control, heavy equipment, recreational and structural frames. Complimented by newly acquired 3D laser cutting technology, the Schwarze-Robitec CNS 160 is well-suited for multiple bends and custom requirements.

For additional information on pipe and tube bending capabilities or other solutions such as 3D laser tube cutting, end-forming, and handrail fittings please contact us.

Photo of the Schwarze-Robitec CNC 160: