Architectural Handrail Bending Services

Our custom architectural bending services allow you to bend a railing all in one piece which will save you time on those consuming cutting, welding, and grinding processes on your project. Bending applications are also great for applying ornamental elements to your railing. Our NC and CNC bending machines can handle material from 1/4" O.D. up to 6" O.D.

Custom Rolling Services

With our rolling services, we can produce large radius bends for your railings. We can roll up to 4-1/2" O.D. and radii from 10 times the outside diameter (O.D.) and larger. Two of Sharpe's CNC bending machines have tube generation capabilities. This means that we can apply bends AND rolls to one piece of material without changing tooling and machines to accomplish the multiple bends.

Our tube bending team has experience bending steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, and much more!

Tube Fabrication and Fiber Optic Tube Laser Cutting Services

Value-added tube fabrication services such as welding and end-forming are also available. Our fiber optic tube laser can make copes, notches, holes and more in seconds with its increased production speed. Virtually any geometric design can be rapidly created and easily cut, making this a great for ornamental applications to your handrails.


With an inventory of over 600 bending dies, Sharpe Products is able to pass on money saving benefits to you, our valued customer, by eliminating costly tooling charges for your custom bending project. In times where your radius dimension is critical, our tooling can be relied on for accuracy, every time. Search our Bend Die Tooling List»