Sharpe Products Customer Commissioned for Innovative Motorcycle Design

Bienville Studios unveils legacy superbike

The Sharpe tube bending team is proud to have partaken in helping JT Nesbitt with his Legacy Superbike by bending the custom bent components that make up the handlebar and chassis on the Superbike. 1" O.D. chromoly tubing was used to produce the bent parts. Chromoly is a stronger carbon steel material that is also lightweight. Both single radius and 3D bends were done on these parts with our Nissin 3D tube bender. The parts were then shipped to Bienville Studios where fabrication and assembly were completed. View image gallery below.

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Custom Bent Chassis - Legacy Superbike       Bent 1 inch O.D. Chromoly Tubing

Custom Chassis Motorcyle Pipe Bending  Motorcycle Chassis - Chromoly Tube Bending  Custom Pipe and Tube Bends for Chassis  Chromoly Tube Bending and Fabrication  Custom Pipe Bending and Pipe Fabrication

Handlebar PIpe and Tube Bending  Handlebar Chromoly Tube Bending  Motorcycle Handlebar Pipe Bending  Custom Bent Motorcycle Chassis - Chromoly
Bienville Studios images and press release of the Legacy Superbike are used by Sharpe Products with permission.



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Bienville Legacy Superbike by JT Nesbitt Unveiled
Three 4-cylinder motorcycles commissioned by the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative (ADMCi) prove a new business model for innovation, allowing a world-famous designer to achieve his penultimate work.
CHICAGO – October 27, 2014 – Bienville Studios, a design and engineering shop out of New Orleans specializing in motorcycle innovation, announced today the completion of its commission with the American Design and Master-Craft Initiative (ADMCi). This work completes two years of active design and fabrication on the heels of over eight years planning and design exploration. The result is an entirely new vehicle, reinventing how motorcycles function from the ground up.
Break-through suspension design and steering integration have already earned patent coverage with applications pending in bike setup and geometry. The look of the bike itself is a superb combination of form following function, establishing a visual design language unique to JT Nesbitt and his home in New Orleans.
Nesbitt notes, “I’ve waited a long time to make a design statement like this and I’m proud to be doing it in partnership with ADMCi. It would not have been possible without the extraordinary help and life-long friendships I’m so fortunate to have in this industry.”
Jim Jacoby, the founder and CEO of ADMCi, the sponsoring organization, adds, “As our first commission, it was crucial that the master-craftsman we engaged ‘hit it out of the park.’ There is no doubt JT’s accomplishment will advance our messages of universal design principles and the critical need for master-craftsmanship as a technological, economic, and cultural driver.”
Basic specifications for the bike include:

Motus MV4R
  • 185hp, naturally aspirated
  • Optional 300hp+ forced induction (race only)
  • Port fuel injected


4130 Chromoly tubing
  • Single-radius bend, universal diameter
  • Engine leveraged as stressed member
  • Weighing only 23lb


High-Speed-Stability prioritized
  • 62.5”
17” carbon-composite
  • 3.5” wide front
  • 5.5” wide rear


Patented system design
  • Bilaterally symmetrical (front and rear) carbon-composite blades
  • Worm-gear-driven eccentric adjustment at trail and chain
  • Proprietary titanium hardware, shafts, and linkages
  • Conical titanium axle nuts
  • Gun-drilled, precision-ground titanium axles  


Patented system design
  • Infinitely adjustable


Patented system design
  • Adjustable 28°-27° system 


Patented system design
  • Single-composite leaf
  • Spans front & rear suspension
  • Titanium actuation rod concentric with steering axis 


ISR radial system
  • Interchangeable, four-piston radial-mount calipers
  • 250mm rotors for front & rear  


Fuel Capacity
  • Split system with lower reservoir containing fuel pump
  • 4-gallon tank
  • E15 compliant


Of particular import, the following individuals contributed not merely as vendors. Rather, their generous participation fulfills career-long support in an industry that can sometimes work against this level of commitment. Their intrinsic contributions are too numerous to mention. Each is listed (and thanked) in the order in which they joined the project:

  • Scott Tudury, Apex CNC – Design Engineer/Lead Machinist
  • Brian Case, Motus Motorcycles – Power Plant
  • Tim George – Design Engineer/Coach Builder
  • Gary Turner, Blackstone Tek – Composite Engineer
  • Ben Bussey, Left Right Now – Web Design
  • Acke, ISR Brakes – Braking Systems
  • Austin Porter – Design Consultant
  • David Czarnecki – Design Engineer
  • Dwayne Dufrechou, HJM Machine – Design Engineer
  • Aaron Breaux, HJM Machine – Master Fabricator/Consultant
  • Grey Cressy – Intern
  • Daniel Valencia – Intern
  • Steven Donnely, Metal One – Engraving
  • Victor Uhal – 3D/Graphic Design
  • Jason Cormier, Odd Bike – Documentarian
  • Marvin Hirsch – Wood Sculpting
  • Alan Kirkfield, Kirkfield’s Powder Coating – Specialty Coatings/Paint
  • David Lenk – Historian/Curation
  • David Weinberg – Broadcast
  • Frank Popper – Documentarian
  • David McMahon, McMahon Digital Tool – Design Engineer/Patent Partner
  • Karl Vosloh, Custom to Classic – Upholsterer
  • Max Mcallister, Traxxion Dynamics – Suspension Tuning
  • Luis Mercado Rojo – Intern
  • Rod Tingate – Final Assembly
  • Marc Bondarenko, Bondarenko Photography – Photography

Also of note, JT Nesbitt would like to thank Andy Overslaugh, David Snow of Ironhorse Magazine, and Matt Chambers of Confederate Motorcycles.

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Bienville Studios is a niche design shop located in the beautiful French Quarter of New Orleans. Driven by a passion for quality design and the lifestyle that only New Orleans can provide, the staff strive to honor the grand traditions of the Oldest Bohemia in America. JT Nesbitt, the studio’s Lead Designer, is best known for the Confederate Wraith, and G2 Hellcat. Recent projects have included the ‘Stinkin Linkin’ and the Magnolia Special. His current endeavor is to advance the design language and performance of the American Superbike. For more information, visit
The American Design and Master-Craft Initiative seeks master-designers across industries to undertake projects that celebrate the greatest aspects of their craft. In doing so, the organization is sharing learnings with digital designers to set a new standard for craftsmanship in the 21st century. The organization is celebrating its inaugural project with JT Nesbitt a master-level motorcycle designer. For more information, visit