Tube Bending Quality Assurance and Process Verification

Before your product is even made, Sharpe Products starts with a plan for your project to maintain quality from start to finish for your bent pipe or tube products.

ISO Certified
Sharpe Products is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified company. We have been ISO certified since August 2007. It is our goal to continually improve our Quality Management System (QMS) to consistently increase your satisfaction. Download Certificate┬╗

CMM Inspection Arm & 3D Laser Scanner
This ultimate combination in inspection equipment inspects a bent or laser cut part, creates an .IGES file and then compares it to the nominal .IGES file. From this, necessary bender corrections and detailed reports are automatically generated. This process is an integral part of our streamlined set-ups and results in reduced overall part costs for our customers.

Tube Inspect S
The Tube Inspect S is specifically designed for the tube bending industry. It inspects parts in seconds with the click of the mouse and send corrections back to the bender if needed. This results in more accurate and efficient set-ups. Detailed reports can also be made from the data taken from the part inspection. The Tube Inspect S also has the capability of reverse engineering from existing parts or prototypes.

BluCo Table
Sharpe utilizes its precision machined BluCo Table to quickly and easily set-up precise inspection fixtures. Many times this table is a low-cost solution to having 100% inspection during production.