State-of-the-Art Pipe Bending & Tube Bending Machinery Produce High Quality Custom Bent Products

Unique or repeat, Sharpe Products has the capabilities to meet your tube bending needs. Our facility is equipped to bend pipe and tube from 1/4" O.D. to 6" O.D. We have a total of 12 tube bending and rolling machines:

  • 3 NC (Manual) Tube Benders
  • 9 CNC Tube Benders
    • 6 All-Electric CNC Benders with Multi-Radius & Tube Generation Capabilities for Large Radii
    • 1 Free-form CNC Bender
    • 1 Semi-Electric CNC Bender
    • 1 CNC Hydraulic Bender

Sharpe continues to be in the forefront of tube bending technology by using "Lean & Green" all-electric CNC tube benders. With this technology we are able to deliver our customer quality American-made bent products in a cost effect and time efficient manner.

We Use the Latest in Pipe Bending and Tube Bending Technology
UNISON 50mm, 76mm & 130mm ALL-ELECTRIC CNC BENDERS: These benders make high quality parts with their unique capabilities such as high accuracy and repeatability, reduced set-up times, and reduced scrap. Our Unison CNC 50mm bends pipe and tube up to 2" O.D., the 76mm Breeze tube bender can bend up to 3" O.D., and the 130mm bender can bend up to 5" O.D. All three machines have multi-radii stacking and rolling, and hole punching capabilities. The 50mm machine also has left and right bending capabilities.

Read Unison's Press Release on Sharpe's purchase of the 130mm all-electric tube bender.

LANG 90mm ALL-ELECTRIC TUBE BENDER: The Lang 90mm all-electric tube bender bends tube and pipe up to 3-1/2" O.D. and has all the same benefits of our other all-electric tube benders with its multi-radius stacking and rolling capabilities.

BLM E-TURN BENDERS: These all-electric benders can bend pipe or tube up to 1-1/4" O.D. In addition to the many advantages of an all-electric machine, the E-Turn has the widest flexibility because of its in-process right and left bending with fixed and variable radius. It also has increased feasibility of more complex structures.

1-1/4" O.D. NISSIN FREE-FORM (3D) BENDER: This tube bender offers extraordinary advantages over conventional bending machines. A tube is continuously guided through a single die according to the programed specs. This single die technology offers flexibility in part design which is unmatched by other forms of traditional bending.

Advantages over conventional tube bending include:

  • Ability to product multi-radii parts without additional tooling
  • Little to no distance required between bends
  • Tube roundness & thickness are maintained
  • Ability to produce angles greater than 180 degrees

Minimal set-up and lead times are achieved for even the most complex parts making this bender ideal for production of prototypes to large volume production.

CNC TWIN HEAD COMPRESSION BENDER: The CNC Twin Head Compression bender bends up to 1-1/2" O.D. This bender forms two bends simultaneously, an dis ideal for high speed manufacturing of symmetrical shapes. Handles, furniture, and frames of many varieties are typical applications for this type of bending.

Pipe and Tube Roll Bending
Typically roll bending is used when a large radius is required for a part. We can roll up to 4-1/2” O.D. and radii from 10 times the diameter and larger. If your part requires bends and rolls on one piece, our team utilizes the CNC bending machines that have tube generation capabilities. These machines allow for bends and rolls to be applied to one piece of material without having tooling or machine changes.

Bend Die Tooling
We offer a very large inventory of tooling with over 600 bending dies. This allows our customers to save on tooling costs. In addition to our already furnished inventory, we also have a tool and die design department, ready to meet any of your custom die needs. The tool and die department can build your die in a cost efficient manner with shortened lead times.
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