Laser Tube Cutting Services up to 6" O.D.

Custom Pipe & Tube Laser Cutting

Need your tube or pipe products cut quickly? Custom tube laser cutting services are available for a wide range of pipe and tube sizes, materials, and shapes. With our state-of-the-art 3,000 watt BLM LT FIBER tube laser and a recently added 1,000 watt BLM LT5 fiber optic tube laser, the traditional more costly fabrication services can be completed in a lean and efficient manner reducing overall part cost on custom projects. With this increased capacity our lead times are short and production can be started within 2 business days for most jobs.

Traditional processes that the tube laser replace include:

• Hole Punching
• Drilling
• Slotting
• Notching
• Coping
• High Quality Cut Edges
• Part Marking
• Etching



Any combination of these features can be put on one part with streamlined efficiency and minimal part handling.

Laser Cut Tube & Pipe Applications:

Fiber Optic Tube Laser BrassOrnamental Laser Brass Tube Cutting

HANDRAIL & ORNAMENTAL APPLICATIONS - Making a cope for your handrail components has never been so easy! Coped ends, holes and cut-offs are made with precision in seconds. Geometric patterns can easily and rapidly be created.

Laser Cut Aluminum PiecesLaser Cut 11 Gage Aluminum Tube

LASER CUTTING ALUMINUM TUBE - Aluminum up to 3/8" thick can be cut on our tube laser. The sample on the right shows a 2" O.D. 11 Gage aluminum tube that was cut with our tube laser.

Copper Tube CuttingTube Laser Cut Copper

LASER CUTTING COPPER TUBE - Because the beam in the fiber optic tube laser is absorbed by copper and copper based alloys and not reflected like a CO2 laser, it is capable of cutting brass, bronze, and copper tube.

Laser Cut Square Rectangle Aluminum Laser Cutting

RECTANGLE AND SQUARE TUBE CUTTING - Our tube laser also cuts rectangle and square tubing up to 4".