Fiber Optic Tube Laser Now Producing Parts

Technology from BLM adds to bench strength of laser cutting services

Our new Fiber Optic Tube Laser has been installed and is now running parts.

Sharpe Products is proud to announce the addition of a new BLM Fiber Optic Tube Laser machine. This tube laser has many advantages over a traditional CO2 tube laser such as being able to cut copper, brass, bronze and galvanized pipe. Read More

Fiber Optic Tube Laser
Sharpe Products new fiber optic tube laser is now running production.


Laser Cut Square Tube
This 2-1/2" square tube and 1" x 2" rectangle tube was cut with our fiber optic tube laser. Cuts, copes, holes and slots can be cut in pieces like these in seconds.


Laser Cut Aluminum Tube
These 2" O.D. aluminum pieces were coped and nested to specifically fit together after being cut. This application is perfect when traditional cope connectors would have to be used to connect two pieces of pipe or tube together, such as handrail components.