Expanding on Our Pipe & Tube End-Forming Capabilties

New machine technology added for end-forming

Pipe and Tube End Forming ServicesSharpe Products is expanding our pipe and tube end-forming capabilities with the purchase of a new RAM-70 end-forming machine.

Tube shapes such as round, square, rectangle, and oval tubing can be formed up to 7" O.D. and as small as 1/2" O.D. Pipe or tube can be hit up to 6 times on the RAM-70 thus allowing for complicated combination end-forms being able to be done without any tooling or machine change.

In addition to making traditional end-forms such as beading, expanding, and reducing this machine allows us to:

  • Combine expand, trim bead, and coping
  • Trim and form
  • Tube reducing
  • Offset expands
  • Piercing
  • Marmon beading

(Video Provided by Proto-1 Mfg. www.proto1mfg.com)

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