Pipe and Tube Fabrication and End-Forming Services Available to Complete Your Projects

To complete your project, Sharpe Products offers the following cutting, tube end-forming, and custom tube fabrication services:

  • High-Speed Cutting
  • Pipe & Tube End-Forming: beading (including Marmon beads), reducing, expanding, flaring, swaging, & threading
  • Fabrication: welding, notching, punching, coping and drilling
  • Finishing: anodizing, polishing and powder coating

HIGH-SPEED CUTTING: Our high-speed cutting capabilities include an automatic high-speed cold-saw and a fiber optic tube laser. The cold-saw can cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum up to 4" O.D. The fiber optic laser can cut round and square tube or pipe and has a capacity up to 6" O.D. Our tube laser can cut all the traditional materials plus highly reflective materials including aluminum, copper, brass, bronze and galvanized pipe. Read more about our Laser Tube Cutting Capabilities»

CUSTOM TUBE FABRICATION/WELDING SERVICES: With over 25 years of experience our fabrication team uses MIG and TIG welding methods to assemble your custom projects.

We provide tube end-forming services up to 7” O.D. with the capabilities to apply various end-form applications on pipe or tube including: beading, marmon beading, expanding, reducing, flaring, swaging, and threading. Watch our tube end-forming videos