Custom Metal Sculptures Created for Memorials

Ornamental metal hemispheres incorporated into sculpture

Mark Koeppen from Sadler Machine Co., fabricates works of art utilizing ornamental hemispheres purchased from Sharpe Products. All of Mark’s pieces are memorial pieces dedicated to loved ones and have sentimental themes, such as the piece he did as a memorial to his father which included his father’s golf clubs. To include movement to his pieces, Mark makes sure that specific elements of the pieces can be moved by the wind.

Aluminum hemispheres ranging from 4 inch O.D. up to 6 inch O.D. are used in the architectural pieces. Below are pictures and videos of some of Mark’s works of art with further explanations of the meaning behind them.


One of Mark's first memorial pieces was one dedicated to his father. He utilized hemispheres from Sharpe Products and incorporated his father's golf clubs.



This piece has four sides each depicts an element in Mark's life, "Family - Friends - Faith - Love". The base rotates with a motor and a light inside changes colors that can be seen through the cut out words. Because this piece was constructed during a time when during a rough time in Mark's family when losses occurred in a short time, each piece has special meaning, including the top which is an urn that holds his dogs ashes in it. The rock has a special meaning along with the cross that is inscribed with 2 poems.


These two pieces have loved ones names inscribed inside the hemispheres.