California Sculptor Completes Commissioned Piece

Stainless steel tubes used in Chicago project

Sharpe Products customer, Loren Madsen, is a sculptor based out of California and was commissioned by the City of Chicago for a project to depict the falling crime rates within the city. Loren then came to Sharpe for the custom bending portion of his project. The sculpture Loren designed is made up of 8, 4 inch O.D., 11 Gage stainless steel tubes bent on a 6 inch centerline radius. The finished piece chronicles crime rates in eight categories over 30 years and each tube is an abstraction of those categories. The sculpture stands in front of a police station and jail within the City of Chicago. To see more of Loren Madsen’s work click here

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Bent Stainless Steel Tube Sculpture       Bent 4 inch O.D. Stainless Steel Tubing

Bent Stainless Steel Tube Sculpture  Stainless Steel Tube Bending  Architectural Metal Tube Bending  Custom Stainless Tube Bending

Loren Madsen Art images are used by Sharpe Products with permission.