Pipe & Tube End-Forming up to 7" O.D.

To help complete your bending project, tube end-forming services from 1" O.D. up to 7" O.D. are available.

End-Forming Capabilities Include:











Tube Mitering

See End-Forming Examples

TSM-3.5 DOUBLE HEAD TUBE SIZING MACHINE - For smaller pipe and tube our TSM-3.5 end former expands and reduces pipe and tube using segmented tooling. The TSM can handle pipe and tube from 1" O.D. up to 3.5" O.D. and wall thicknesses up to .095". 

ADDISON 3" O.D. & PROTO-1 RAM-70 7" O.D. END-FORMERS - Both of these machines are ram tube end-formers. The RAM-70 is a unique 6-head end-former that produces end-forms requiring multiple operations to be completed in one cycle, greatly reducing processes and part handling time resulting in reduced labor costs for customers. Combined capabilities of these machines include beading (including marmon beading), expanding, reducing, flaring, swaging, threading, tube mitering, trimming, punching, and piercing.

PROTO-1 RFM 6" O.D. ROTARY DUAL HEAD END-FORMER - This dual head rotary end-former gives us the capabilities of rotary flaring, beading, trimming, and cut-offs.

6" TUBE EXPANDER - This machine uses segmented tooling to expand and reduce pipe or tube from 3" O.D. up to 6" O.D.