Fiber Optic Tube Laser Cutting Services

Laser Tube Cutting Services for Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, Steel & More up to 6" Capacity

Custom Pipe & Tube Laser Cutting

Need your tube or pipe products cut quickly? Custom tube laser cutting services are available for a wide range of pipe and tube sizes, materials, and shapes. With our state-of-the-art 3,000 watt BLM LT FIBER tube laser and a recently added 1,000 watt BLM LT5 fiber optic tube laser, the traditional more costly fabrication services can be completed in a lean and efficient manner saving you time and money on custom projects.

These lasers have many advantages over traditional CO2 tube lasers with unique cutting capabilities that include increased production speed, making our laser cutting processes more precise and efficient. This allows for extremely short lead times.

Traditional processes that the tube laser replace include:

• Hole Punching
• Drilling
• Slotting

• Notching
• Coping
• High Quality Cut Edges

• Part Marking
• Etching

Any combination of these features can be put on one part with streamlined efficiency and minimal part handling.


Laser Cutting Reflective Material

Both fiber optic tube lasers have the ability to cut/process highly reflective materials which include copper, bronze, brass, galvanized pipe, and aluminum.

LT FIBER-3,000 Watt Tube Laser Cutting Capabilities:

  • Cutting Capacity: Round Tube up to 6" O.D.; Square Tube up to 4"
  • Aluminum up to 3/8" thick can be cut
  • Material Cutting Capabilities Include: Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, and Galvanized Pipe
  • High Quality Cut Edges
  • Increased Production Speed
  • Watch Laser Tube Cutting Video

NEW! LT5-1,000 Watt Tube Laser Cutting Capabilities:
Our new LT5 tube laser is up and running and has open capacity now! Call today for more information or fill out your online RFQ today!

  • Cutting Capacity: 1/2" up to 4-3/4" O.D.
  • Perfect for Thin Wall Tubing- 1/8” Thick or Less (11 gage & under)
  • Material Cutting Capabilities Include: Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Aluminum, and Galvanized Pipe 
  • High Quality Cut Edges
  • Increased Production Speed

Laser Cut Tube & Pipe Applications:

Fiber Optic Tube Laser Brass Ornamental Laser Brass Tube Cutting
HANDRAIL & ORNAMENTAL APPLICATIONS - Making a cope for your handrail components has never been so easy! Coped ends, holes and cut-offs are made with precision in seconds. Geometric patterns can easily and rapidly be created.
Laser Cut Aluminum Pieces Laser Cut 11 Gage Aluminum Tube
LASER CUTTING ALUMINUM TUBE - Aluminum up to 3/8" thick can be cut on our tube laser. The sample on the right shows a 2" O.D. 11 Gage aluminum tube that was cut with our tube laser.
Copper Tube Cutting Tube Laser Cut Copper
LASER CUTTING COPPER TUBE - Because the beam in the fiber optic tube laser is absorbed by copper and copper based alloys and not reflected like a CO2 laser, it is capable of cutting brass, bronze, and copper tube.
Laser Cut Square Rectangle Aluminum Laser Cutting
RECTANGLE AND SQUARE TUBE CUTTING - Our tube laser also cuts rectangle and square tubing up to 4".
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