Custom Pipe & Tube Fabrication | Tube End-Forming Services

Pipe and Tube Fabrication and End-Forming Services Available to Complete Your Projects

To complete your project Sharpe Products offers the following cutting, tube end-forming, and custom tube fabrication services:

  • High-Speed Cutting
  • Pipe & Tube End-Forming: Beading (including Marmon Beads), Reducing, Expanding, Flaring, Swaging, & Threading
  • Fabrication: Welding, Notching, Punching, Coping, and Drilling
  • Finishing: Anodizing, Polishing, and Powder Coating

HIGH-SPEED CUTTING: Our high-speed cutting capabilities include an automatic high-speed cold-saw and a fiber optic tube laser. The cold-saw can cut steel, stainless steel, and aluminum up to 4" O.D. The fiber optic laser can cut round and square tube or pipe and has a capacity up to 6" O.D. Our tube laser can cut all the traditional materials plus highly reflective materials such as copper, brass, bronze, and galvanized pipe. Read more about our Laser Tube Cutting Capabilities┬╗

CUSTOM TUBE FABRICATION/WELDING SERVICES: With over 25 years of experience our fabrication team uses MIG and TIG welding methods to assemble your custom projects.

- For smaller pipe and tube our TSM-3.5 end former expands and reduces pipe and tube using segmented tooling. The TSM can handle pipe and tube from 1" O.D. up to 3.5" O.D. and wall thicknesses up to .095". 

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ADDISON 3" O.D. & PROTO-1 RAM-70 7" O.D. END-FORMERS -  Both of these machines are ram tube end-formers. The RAM-70 is a unique 6-head end-former that produces end-forms requiring multiple operations to be completed in one cycle, greatly reducing processes and part handling time resulting in reduced labor costs for customers. Combined capabilities of these machines include beading (including marmon beading), expanding, reducing, flaring, swaging, threading, tube mitering, trimming, punching, and piercing.

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Tube Beading | Pipe Beading TUBE BEADING - Beading is an end-forming process that puts a bead on the end of a pipe or tube. We are capable of making all types of beads on tubing, including marmon beads.
EXPANDING - Tube expanding is the process in which a piece of pipe or tube is enlarged at one end so another piece of pipe or tube of the same diameter can fit into and connect to the piece that has been expanded. Tube End-Forming - Pipe Expanding
Tube Reducing REDUCING - Tube reducing is the process in which a piece of pipe or tube is crimped on the end in order to fit another piece of pipe or tube of the same diameter to fit over the reduced end.
FLARING - Tube flaring is the process in which a piece of pipe or tube is made flared out at the end. This is a typical process done to pipe or tubing when a pressure resistant, and leak-free seal is needed. Typically seen in hydraulic type components. Tube and Pipe Flaring
Pipe Swaging SWAGING - Pipe swaging is the process in which the dimension of the pipe or tube end is altered by being reduced or tapered down in diameter.
THREADING - The process in which a piece of pipe or tube is threaded at one end or both ends in order to connect another piece of pipe or tube by screwing them together. Pipe Threading
Custom Tube Fabrication & Welding Services
Tube Bending-End Forming-Laser Cutting

Tube Fabricating Services-Polishing
Tube Beading-End Forming-Marmon Beading
Double Head Pipe & Tube End Former
End Formed Tubing - Reducing
RAM 70 End Former
Tube End Forming - Milled Ends

Milled Ends and Punched Holes

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